Kailyn and Erin

Visual Literacy - Do You See it in your Classroom?

Using Flickr, Kailyn and I set out to create a set of images for specific content areas to help incorporate visual literacy and critical thinking in the classroom. With digital images and technology permeating our world, utilizing images in the classroom will help students become text critics, or 'healthy skeptics", and perhaps motivate those students who struggle with traditional print texts. Futhermore, we have created a professional workshop to provide explicit explaning and modeling of visual literacy techniques to better prepare teachers with the change in literacy. As future reading specialists, being aware of new research regarding literacy and translating that information to teachers is important to ensure we are providing the best reading practices for our students. Below you can find PDF files with all of the lesson plans and resources associated with our professional development workshop series. Handouts are included at the end of each lesson plan.

If you'd like to check out the Flickr galleries that we created as teacher resources go to www.flickr.com/photos/visual-literacy/
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