Syracuse Literacy Initiative

The sole purpose of this Wiki, is to promote Literacy within the greater Syracuse area. My name is Joseph Smorol, and although I am the original creator of this wiki, the Syracuse Literacy Initiative belongs to the community. The ultimate goal of this wiki is to advocate the importance of reading, writing, and literacy learning, especially with regards to the city of Syracuse. I have included pages for teachers/tutors, parents, local organizations/events, local libraries with information and hours, adolescent literacy learners, and annotations of literacy research. Among the various pages I have uploaded examples of things that myself and others have made, as well as valuable information and interactive online resources. The wiki is completely public aside from the home page, so feel free to make any edits at your discretion.

Please respond to the discussion thread on my wiki that is titled "746 Showcase Discussion." I have already started the thread and have asked a few questions, so please feel free to answer my questions and ask me any others that you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.