Andrea Lichtman

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This blog is about the Road to Reading intervention program (Blachman & Tangel, 2008). It is designed as a resource for teachers and teacher-educators nationwide. While students in Syracuse University teacher preparation programs take classes that include video footage from the research projects that led to the Road to Reading commercial text, students and teachers in other communities do not have the opportunity to receive such training and must “make their own way” using the Road to Reading manual.

I created this blog to serve as an online resource presenting user-friendly information to teachers (and students preparing to become teachers) about how to effectively and efficiently implement Road to Reading. The blog discusses my own experiences and includes multimedia components. Most notably, I have created video clips of a Road to Reading lesson with a six-year-old beginning reader. Look for the Videos tab of the blog to view each step of a Red Level Road to Reading lesson!

Please feel free to leave comments on the Home tab of the blog. This blog is something I intend to develop further even after this Literacy and Technology class ends, so I am very interested in your suggestions for what other content you would find helpful.