Hello all! Welcome to my final project - a unit plan titled: Podcasting to Teach Tolerance and Give Students a Voice. I created this final project using my knowledge of the novel The Outsiders, which I just taught last semester during my student teaching placement, and also using the knowledge about Web 2.0 tools from this class. It's been a blast linking the two literacies, and it also has a very practical use for the classroom, which was my goal. I chose podcasting because I think that it is a great way for students to create a strong voice in the classroom. Using podcasts allows for students to become experts in a topic that they are passionate about, and also gives them an authentic audience to address. Recording their thoughts and ideas forces them to engage in the editing and revision process, something that is not always easy to do in a classroom. The ownership of having their own podcast, of having an audience listening to them, puts the onus on the student to work hard and put in the effort required. I decided to use a "teaching tolerance" frame because the themes from The Outsiders (bullying, underage drinking, violence, poverty, cliques, gangs) are concepts that students can relate to, and deal with on a regular basis. It seemed like a smart idea to use those themes and give students an opportunity to dig deeper into what those terms really mean, and push past the stereotypes to grasp a new kind of understanding based on their own research and learning. I used this project to see the potential capabilities that stem from intertwining technology and traditional "reading" and "writing" skills. Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity to use what I have learned, and I'm excited to have my own classroom where I can do this on a more regular basis.

Below you will find all the necessary "ingredients" to pull off this unit plan, including a unit calendar, unit overview, lesson plans, rubrics and sample podcast.

Here is a sample podcast from the New York Times that will be helpful for students to listen to when creating their own.

Sample Podcast